About us

Our company

Pingy Paws is a company who make and sell a wide variety of handmade items for your four legged friends.

We provide a wide variety of products majority of which are handmade and personalised to you or your dog.

We started this company through being apart of an agility club, we found that the agility world provides a range of toys for dogs that you dont see in your standard pet shops. From these toys we have continued to develop our range of products and we are very proud to say that you can not get our toys anywhere else. They are individually made and have been given the paw of approval by our own dogs. Our toys have also been used by dogs who are in rehabilitation who cant move around very much and are in need of some mental stimulation.

Karen and Zoe ensure that all products are made to the highest standard and are always willing to try out new products, so if there is anything you see on the website that you would like making a little more personalised please feel free to get in touch and discuss your options.