We at Pingy Paws also have a little shop based at a Hydrotherapy Unit called Muppets Canine Therapy which is based in Sheffield on Rutland Road.

Muppets Canine Therapy boasts a heated Hydrotherapy Pool as well as an Aquatic Treadmill to enable the most suitable and effective specific treatment for your animal.

Hydrotherapy is a safe and effective way for your animal to receive rehabilitation therapy for damaged joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons.

Structured hydrotherapy treatment in the pool promotes faster healing of damaged tissues, improve range of motion of joints, increased muscle tone and the strength and stability your dog needs to recover from injury or disease. The bouyancy of the warm water provides comfort and support for animals suffering from pain.

Treatment in the treadmill helps to improve limb co-ordination, re-education, increased muscle tone and strength, as well as providing support and stability through adjusted levels of weight bareing exercise.

either one or a combination of the two methods of hydrotherapy can be extemeley beneficial for a variety of genetic disorders and injuries such as hip dysplasia, arthritis, cruciate injuries, plus many more. For more information please feel free to visit Kates website at www.splashy-pups-hydrotherapy.co.uk


Animal Physiotherapy

The ultimate goal of physiotherapy are similar for humans and animals. One of the major differences within the species is that with human physiotherapy the aim is generally to encourage movement through knowledge and guidance, whereas with animals, the aim is to restrict undesired and harmful movement and encourage beneficial movement and confidence. A husman can be told to rest a limb or muscle group, whereas an animal is often reluctant to cage rest and due to most animals skillful ability to adapt, quite often they will learn to compensate to achieve movement rather than moving correctly.

All treatments and therapies are carried out with pride and care by a fully qualified animal physiotherapist and hydrotherapist Kate Clapperton. Muppets Canine Therapy is fully approved and registered with the CHR, NARCH and International Association of Animal Therapists.

Please note Kate will only treat animals who are referred from their own vets. This includes both rehabilitation and fitness treatments